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An exclusive "lifetime membership" for 1000 leaders only to build a healthy, happy & impactful professional network among the top 1% 

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As an exclusive member, you can prevent & reverse multiple chronic conditions  

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Unlimited everyday care without the hassle  

Wake up with the flu or a questionable rash? We diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses, so you get the care you need without having to visit the doctor or see specialists.

Art of living happiness program is so powerful that your cortisol levels can be reduced by over 50% on the first day of their practice. They can do each day to release stress and start every day afresh: feeling clear, confident and happy.

And a happiness program with lifetime acess and follow-up activities  

Founders promises for our exclusive members:


  • Co-founders will stay with you directly during your health journey to ensure a better experience ever and will see the results within 1 week.

  • You will unleash your extraordinary self

Unable to decide ?

Listen life changing stories of other people 

A Group of People

All saw significant changes in personal and professional life within one month 

Sheetal Pungliya

This program including sudarshan kriya improved my health and job performance

Anuj Madan

My awareness, professionally and personally, thanks to Sudarshan kriya

Anjali S

I have the confidence to approach people around me without any fear like before.

Prabhakaran Thampan

This technique helped me cure multiple chronic conditions and changed my life. 

Uday Shankar Panda

This technique gave me complete control of emotions like anger 

Rema Devi

Benefits of this technique surprised even my doctors and changed my life.

Shobna Kalyan

Happy and free from allergies, Thank you so much to this powerful technique

People from top companies already joined

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and more

Business owners' joined the program

Ravi Kumar

He is the director of Zetatech industries on impact of this program. 


He is the CEO of Unitech Plasto Components on impact of this program.

Our members ❤️ us


Seriously the BEST care, I've ever had. I can go anywhere, team is available for me.


I have seen unbelievable results of many people even 22 years of chronic conditions like diabetes, BP gone in just 30 days. 


The first time I met with my care team, I just felt like we had an immediate connection. They made it very personal. That was great!

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Excellent service.  It's so easy to access, affordable, and really very fast results.

Professionals joined, transformed and recommended to others 

Antony Tijo

An IT professional helped her mother to transform health in just 14 days.

Pulkit Agrawal

This program also helped whole family even when they are in trouble with COVID-19. 

Ramakant Deep

A senior manager transformed his health in just few days and joined others.

Babita Dash

Reversed multiple chronic conditions at age of 56 and super happy now with family.

Live better.

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Do better.

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We donate our profits for world-changing causes

People and animals benefited



We plant peepal, neem, fruit, shrubs and small trees

Trees planted across India


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Let's take your first step, TODAY

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