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Aging Parents?


We help them live healthier, happier, and longer life.



 Personalized care designed just for adults 50+

At YCcares, we know you and your health. Build trusted relationships. Understand your goals. Create a care plan tailored to you so you can do more of the things you love.

Full body health check-up at home

  • 105 tests included

  • Free home sample pick-up

  • Doctor Consultation


Detailed evaluation with labs and vitals

  • 7 comprehensive assessments 

  • In-Depth Analysis 

  • Probable Diagnosis Report

  • Medication recommendations (if necessary)

Diet and yoga to heal whole health

  • Customized diet preparation

  • Customized diet based on your body parameters and health background

  • Help you with supplement, only if needed

  • 12 Months Yoga Therapy

  • Senior friendly yoga and exercises only


A powerful technique for Happiness

  • Customized Create Lasting Happiness

  • Connect More Easily in All Your Relationships

  • Learn Practices for a Lifetime

Follow-ups to make sure everything is on track

  • 24/7 available to answer queries

  • WhatsApp support by care team

  • Smart diet & yoga tips

  • Weekly follow-up calls

  • Guidance for other health issues


Post care, experience for lifetime benefits

  • Balanced + healthy lifestyle22

  • Be your own doctor, dietician and yoga teacher

  • Life time member of YCcares

Being a caring son or daughter..❤️


Start your parent's health transformation journey starting at just ₹8/day

Why Doctors recommend YCcares


YCcares is a digital therapeutics program uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between what the doctors can offer and what the senior patients need.


I have referred my most adamant patients to YCcares and was surprised when they returned after changing their transformation and were happy.


Digital Therapeutics has become a major pillar of support for patients. We can offer our patients quality advice related to diet, exercise & stress.

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I recommend that almost 100% of senior patients to enroll YCcares because they seriously need it. Even I motivate their sons and daughters about it.

Thousands Love Us.❤️

Babita Shrama

Reversed multiple chronic conditions at age of 56, super happy and recommend others.

Antony Tijo

My mother diagnosed pre-diabetic and reversed in just 14 days. Thanks YCcares!


Superb experience. Everything was very well managed right from booking to pick up, to report generation to post-check-up care.


Strongly recommend. Strongly for affordable and accurate testing and post-test care. YCcares is the best I've come across in the last 10 years!!


I was impressed by how warm and friendly the staff was. I felt very comfortable, and they made me feel at home.I also loved the post-test care they offered after the test report.

IMG_20210107_225846 (1).jpg

Excellent service. Very professional and efficient. It's so easy to access, affordable, fastest results, and so a committed team.

People from top companies 

book for their parents

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