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Best weight-loss program

Say goodbye to dieting. Lose weight and become healthy in just 5-10 mins a day






YCcares is the only weight loss program that guarantees at least 10% weight loss, or your money back. Here’s why: 96% of our members say YCcares is more effective than other programs they’ve tried, and their results prove it.

1st month

  • Full body check-up at home

  • Best-in-class doctor consultation

  • Ayurvedic medicines

  • Personalized lifestyle and diet plan(no fad diets)

  • Video courses curated by experts

  • Clinically validated yoga exercises

  • Put into practice the foundations of weightloss


2nd month

  • Build the habits that work for you.

  • Meet with a member of your care team every other week.

  • Lifestyle changes start to show positive effects

  • You’ll have more flexibility

3rd month

  • Keep refining your habits to fit your day-to-day.

  • Advance yoga and exercises

  • Become your own coach

  • Reduce 10 kg at lease for sure


After 3 months


98% of members who have lost at least 10% of their body weight.


I’ve lost 22% of my body weight, am down a pant size, and will have to shop for new tops soon! I’m no longer concerned about counting calories or points.

29695143_868536656659635_4929078561448323206_n (1).jpg

I’ve lost 25% of my body weight, have much more energy, and cholesterol levels are down—which has made me and my doctor very happy. Most importantly, my confidence is through the roof.


YCcares taught me to connect the dots around my metabolic health. You can diet and exercise all you want, but until you recognize what the underlying issues are...those changes will just be short-term.


I’ve lost 23% of my body weight and am down a dress and pant size. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better at night, and my labs are phenomenal

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