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Radically different care for a healthier life.

We're a group of doctors and experts bringing best health care and insurance, so we can all live healthier and happier lives.


Why YCcares?

Superior care, experience, and outcomes at a much lower cost for 550 million pre-chronic and chronic people and 80% of profits go to hunger free and climate change projects.

We are not a company to make money, we are a non-profit to help people to stay healthy, get protected from financial risks and support world-changing causes with no money.

Unlock 12 Months FREE Membership Benefits

Consult doctors for right guidance and get free extra benefits

With no extra cost whenever you need. We are India's first trustworthy doctors network. We don't misguide you with over medication and unnecessary procedures. We can help you with many symptoms digitally, free post consultation care, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist or recommend preventive program for long term health if needed.


Unlock Lifetime Membership Benefits

1 Year Physical Health Benefits

Take control of your whole health with doctor-led program

We can help you to reverse and prevent sickness, chronic and infectious risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, over weight, etc early, keep you healthy in long run, avoid hospital visits and prevent costly complications. Finally doctors are dedicated for your long term health.


Life Time Mental Health Benefits

Lifetime weekly session for lifetime happiness

A powerful breathing techniques. Your cortisol levels can reduce by over 50% on the first day you practice, and will continue to improve if you keep practicing. We'll teach you a simple, effective home breathing practice you can do each day to release stress and start every day afresh: feeling clear, confident and happy and become eligible for weekly Sunday follow-up sessions for LIFE. 

Life Time Financial Health Benefits

Get right insurance to become financially secure

We help you find the best price and trustworthy recommendations to make sure you avoid hidden loopholes. We also help to switch, save up to 5% on your current premium with 5 star claims experience.

Healthy. Happy. Healed. A difference you can feel within the first month

Happy is just as important as healthy. Most people see improvements in energy, mood, personality, and symptoms within first month. We guarantee you will find a new approach towards life. 


Good Karma 

We have made a bold promise to donate 80% of our profit to our charity projects to bring good karmas for our members  because the only hack for getting good luck is good karma.

The poverty crisis is massive after COVID-19. But together, we can solve it. Join us!


People from top companies have already joined

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and more



Seriously the BEST care, I've ever had. I can go anywhere, team is available for me.


The first time I met my doctor, I just felt like we had an immediate connection. She made it very personal. That was great!


Extremely grateful. I can never go back to a normal doctor or insurance again

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Saved my life... Excellent service.  It's so easy to access, affordable , and fast.


By joining us you are also feeding to needy people and voiceless street animals and planting trees for a healthier society. Your small step that can make a huge impact on other lives also. We hope you'll join the mission.


 The special members are monthly contributors committed to stay healthy, making impacts and ending the health, hunger and climate change crisis in India.

People and animals benefited



We plant peepal, neem, fruit, shrubs and small trees

Trees planted across India


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