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Start 2022 with the right healthcare plan for you

We're here to help you live longer, healthier and happier life. So you get the care and experience you and your loved ones deserve. 


In this complex world, we lack a holistic approach to balance across interdependent areas of health and unfortunately there are more than 550 million Indians who are either pre-chronic or chronic. At YCcares, we guarantee to reset their whole health with proven care system and other side, we donate 100% of our profits to make India hunger free and to reverse climate change at large.

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Exceptional care with revolutionary impact first model

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We care for our members across the 8 pillars of health

Our Members Unlock

Exclusive benefits


Discover metabolic weight loss and fitness

At YCcares we're the first to recognize that our weight isn’t our fault, and we've designed a program that effectively treats weight as the result of biology rather than willpower.



Take control of your whole health with biomarkers reset

A biomarkers reset is a whole-body reset. It sets up every part of your system—your metabolism, immunity but also your organs, hormones, cells, and molecular messengers. Loose weight, reverse and prevent chronic conditions like Diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, many more.


Manage your emotions with powerful techniques at the right time

From preventive to complex needs to support in life’s most difficult situations. Our techniques are so powerful that your cortisol levels can reduce by over 50% on the first day you practice. You can do each day to release stress and start every day afresh: feeling clear, confident and happy and become eligible for weekly Sunday follow-up sessions for LIFE. 

Healthy. Happy. Healed. A difference you can feel within the first month

Most people see improvements in energy, mood, personality, and symptoms within first month. We guarantee you will find a new approach towards life. 


Unlock possibility

We bring good luck for our members because the only hack for getting good luck is good karma.

Join us in our Mission feeding India and Planting Trees with the goal that after 2025, no more human or animal will be slept without food in India and planting at least 1 billion trees.


People from top companies have already joined

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and more

What they say


Seriously the BEST care, I've ever had. I can go anywhere, team is available for me.


Extremely grateful. They truly helped to build a new kind life and their charity commitments and services really touched my heart.


The first time I met with my care team, I just felt like we had an immediate connection. They made it very personal. That was great!

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Saved my life... Excellent service.  It's so easy to access, affordable , and fast results.

Many transformed own and dear ones health and even loved to promote us

Our members earned good karma in 2021 

People and animals benefited



We plant peepal, neem, fruit, shrubs and small trees

Trees planted across India


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