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Helping doctors provide  comprehensive care 

Improving clinical and business results under your own brand and taking care both the short & long-term health of their patients


Build your own digital hospital and edit in minutes

Build your own digital hospital where you can serve more than a branded offline hospital. Easily add or modify your details. Keep all your information up to date, with ease

100% free platform

Consult your patients without sharing any charges with us. Access high valued premium tools for free.


Free post-consultation care for your all patients 

  • Assigned a dedicated care team

  • Allow patients to follow up conveniently from their homes. Set availability and time period for post-consultation chats.

  • Support your patients in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle

  • Curate diet plans according to your patient’s needs

  • Curated content to understand the condition better and prevent/manage/reverse/cure

Free Live and Interactive sessions

Weekly interactive classes and workshops by our team of clinical, fitness, mental wellness and nutrition experts to create the perfect wellness solution for your patients.


Free Daily engagement

Care tips - Interactive messages and videos to make patients understand the disease andtheir treatment in a better way!​​

Wellness Support- Daily meditations and music to improve your patient's health and happiness!

Monetize your recommendations

When you suggest your patients for tests, medicines, surgeries,yoga practice, diet follow, etc, you will make money as well.


Appoint other specialists under your digital hospital

You can appoint unlimited doctors who will work under you exactly like offline hospitals.

All interaction on whatsapp without sharing your contact info!

  • Chatbot (Automate Patient Communication)

  • Inbuilt Telemedicine Features

  • Test & Follow-up Reminders

  • Bulk Messaging on Whatsapp

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More Google Reviews = More Patients

After providing exceptional service to your patients we help you capitalize by collecting more Google Reviews automatically.


Expert supports

Grow your business with tips from digital marketing experts and mentors. Experts can help you running digital ads to attract more patients. Top experts will also help to build & run a digital clinic/hospital to offline clinic/hospital.

Become a popular doctor

We will help you to become a popular doctor in locally and in digital world. 

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