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Treat erectile dysfunction

And have better sex



 About ED:

It's more common than you think

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or maintain an erection adequate for sex. 52% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their life. Don't worry. We can help.

of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their life.

1st month

  • Expert consultation

  • Medications

  • Lifestyle and Diet chart

  • Get insight with video courses curated by experts

  • Master getting it up with clinically validated exercises

  • Improvement in performance and energy as the medicines start kicking in.

  • Confidence start building


2nd month

  • Followup consultations

  • Overal performance improvement and dependence on medicines start to decrease

  • Lifestyle changes start to show positive effects

3rd month

  • Holistic evaluation

  • Advance yoga exercises

  • Significant improvement in blood flow and penis function

  • Dependency on medicines is minimized

  • Healthy lifestyle and supplements to sustain the overall intimate wellbeing.


After 3 months


95% of our users reported significant improvement in their erections and performance!


"I am Ramesh (40 years old). Initially, I was not sure about the effectiveness of ED package by YCcares, but after 4 months of use I feel like I am 19 again."


"I am Rohit (27 years old). I feel more confident and energetic on the bed now. The key was to follow YCcares guidance consistently for 3 months."


"I am BIkash (38 years old). You guys have saved my marriage. My partner and I are extremely happy with the results."


"I am Dilip(26 years old). YCcares has been a game changer for me and my relationship. It has enhanced my intimate relationship and confidence to perform."

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