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India's most affordable 

care at home.

We empower you to identify lifestyle syndromes in the initial stage to lead a healthy life-cycle.

Don't Ignore. Take action today before it's too late.

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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - YOUR HEALTH !!

Unfortunately, 1 in 2 people suffer from some lifestyle disease, more than 50% of older adults have three or more chronic conditions and at risk. Millions people are presumed to have undetected. Even pandemic viruses catch such people faster and affect mentally as well as physically. So We ensure to detect chronic conditions early, when it can be cured with proper care, attention and research.

Why early detection matters

Curable rates are higher when chronic conditions are diagnosed at earlier stages. However, most conditions are detected at later stages, when curable rates are much lower.

Get fit. Redefine your health in just 3 months

Everyone has unique health conditions and goals. So we will personalize a program just for you. We will improve your health not only in the short-term but for life. So you can live a healthier, more active life.
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Package starts from  Rs 7,000  Rs 3500

             Rs 499/Month (Limited OFFER)



Standard Health Assessment

 Once a month 

Answer simple questions about you, your body, health history, current health conditions, symptoms, life style and preferences

We understand probable root causes for your health conditions


Clinically Root Cause Analysis

  • 1 time root cause analysis

  • 70 blood chemistry parameters analysed

  • 30 min doctor consultation

  • Get a holistic picture about your internal health

  • Discover untold secrets of your body

  • Recommend medicines (if necessary)

What Doctors won’t tell you about your blood reports


Based on Scientific Analysis Report, if found

Chronic health issues -  We manage to reverse

Early chronic symptoms - We prevent

Normal health - We ensure strong immune system and more healthier



Personalized Health Plan 

  • Made by top certified health expert team

  • ONLY FOR YOU that match your body conditions

  • 3 month healing journey

  • 5 Star rated Flagship program


Health Condition Wise - Alternative care

  • 30 minute interaction with natural care expert

  • Customized balanced Diet 

  • Body Detox Process and Live Yoga Sessions

  • Alternative medicine recommendations

  • Virtual follow-ups & Personalized Tips

  • Self Cure - Learn for life time  &  Pay never

 Most of our patients achieve medicine free life


Our Package

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will help you reach your health goals.

12 Months

Rs 499/Mo

3month + Support

You pay ₹5,999

You Save 93% (₹78,000)

12 Months

Rs 999/Mo

6month + Support

You pay ₹11,999

You Save 85% (₹72,000)

Rs 1,999/Mo

12 Months

Guaranteed Body Transformation

You pay ₹23,999

You Save 60% (₹72,000)

One Platform, Multiple Conditions

Blood Pressure IIII.png

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol I.png

Muscle & Joint Pain

Obesity & Arthritis I.png

Weight Management

Diabetes Management IIII.png


Asthma & Stress I.png

Stress and Immunity

Nurse Talking to Patient

The complete digital care. 

Guaranteed result !

Or Money Back

Enrolling in multiple services is expensive & hard. That’s why we made it affordable, comprehensive & high quality.

We all will be for YOU

doctor man_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg


Lab Technician222.jpg

LAB Technician

Pharmacy Manager

Yoga Instructor2222.PNG

Yoga Instructor


comy Farmacy Manager2222.jpg
Health Coach.jpg

Primary Counsellor

Content writer.jpg

Content Aggregator

Health Coach

PACKAGE benefits

Reach optimal weight 
Reverse your chronic issues.jpg
Reverse your chronic issues
Super-strong immune system.JPG
Super-strong immune system 
Redefined relationship with food1.JPG
Redefined relationship with food
bURGER (1).png
De-addict from sugar & processed foods
Medicine free.png
Medicine-free and disease-free life
Become young, healthy and happy
save bill.png
Save short & long term medical bills with long term results

We care your financial health

Become a Mentor

Add extra

income to your family wallet or

organization a/c.

Inspire others for healthy life style

Set your own schedule

Stay healthy & happy

Make extra money in a positive way

Create financial freedom

we also care your good karma

One Health Improved


100+ Meals donated 


Meals donated

Got questions?

Feel free to contact us

Our members say its best


I'm not going to change a day, it might take time. But now I've started to see things improving, I feel happy and calm.



It made me a happier and healthier person. Coach was very supportive.  I truly appreciate the YCcares team's health services and giving back.



I bought the health plan for my father. I am feeling so grateful. They really care as their name itself-  YCcares...Really cares...

It all starts with a single step

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