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Building the future of

Health care delivery.

India's first and best health care cover that empowers individuals and employees with short and long term health. Primary to chronic prevention to hospitalisation costs, all in one small monthly fees.


Stay healthy. 

Make a difference.

While we are building best health care and healthier you, we are also doing a lot on the side. We feed healthy meals to hungry and plant trees for healthier environment. We hope you'll join the mission.

Our Unique Approach

One small monthly fees for all your healthcare needs

Immunity System 

All human diseases involve the immune system. When it functions correctly, it fights off infections.
When it becomes dysfunctional, cancer can take hold. We find the insights of immune system through assessment and clinical tests to reprogram it.

Physical Health

Access to underlying conditions and health risks have more significance than ever. Early identification is the best intervention before risks become chronic conditions. We provide high- quality certified health professionals with evidence based techniques.

Mental & Emotional Health

We introduce standard offerings for preventive mental health care and mental health coaching. We care across the 5 pillars of mental health. Help from anxiety, depression and individual growth to organizational outcomes

Health Insurance

We don't just compare insurance. We understand it and your health conditions. Narrow down choices. Avoid pitfalls and make better decisions for you with with seamless digital claims experience

YCcares gives you what your health plans and insurance won't 


Multi-condition care for your long-term health


Diabetes Prevention

Clinically screening and lifestyle plans


Weight Management

Obesity can lead to heart failure, stroke, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, depression, pain, and even some cancers. 

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With the #1 and most complete digital MSK care for the whole body

Stress & Anxiety

Reduce anxiety, stress with doctor support and coaching


The attention you deserve

Spend up to 45 minutes with your doctor so you can leave with peace of mind.


In-depth analysis

Our doctors combine lab testing and your physical and mental health to make informed decisions about your preventive plan.


 Predictive analytics

Earlier disease detection, more opportunity to prevent complications, and more time to prepare for what’s ahead.



Best-in-class health insurance

Covid-19 treatment included

Visit a doctor or get a lab test whenever you want, at any  partner hospital.


No room rent or disease wise limit

Choose any hospital room you prefer without worrying about restrictions


Pre-existing diseases covered

Covers all pre existing conditions from day-1


No waiting periods

Use your health cover from day-1. Cover starts immediately


Our Partner Hospitals & Labs

India's most affordable, comprehensive and standard healthcare plan

for everyone


Subscribe at just Rs. 49 per month 

By joining us, you’re helping break the ugly cycle of hunger and climate issues

People and animals benefited



We plant peepal, neem, fruit, shrubs and small trees

Trees planted across India

Our Charity Partners

A youth team including IITian volunteers is working 24/7 to feed needy people and street animals.

A world famous organization that is already feeding millions of needy people and street cows.

Whole Accessible Care for One Flat Fee 

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