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We Founders of YCcares invite you to join as a Co-creator

Unfortunately, today’s health care for our senior parents is limited with either health insurance or when they sick or when they get a disease. We believe that parents should have the opportunity to live their best lives and age with dignity.


At YCcares, we’re fiercely determined to change that. Our mission is to profoundly improve the healthcare and aging experience by reinventing personalized care for people 45 and up. We do that right in the comfort and security of home. 

After serving 10,000+ happy parents, we decided to make 100 Co-creators to build the best care for millions of parents.

Our promise for our Co-creators:

  • Co-creators will be the unique members for us.

  • Co-founders will work as care manager for your parents.

  • Co-founders will stay with you and your parents directly during your parents health journey to ensure better experience ever. 

  • Co-founders will take suggestions from you and apply to make the experience better every day.

  • We personally guarantee and assure you that your parents will be healthier, happier and longer life and you will see the results within 1 week.

  • 60% OFF only for co-creators (100 selected members)

If you want to join as co-creator and work together to change healthcare for our parents, apply now. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Sumanta Swain 

Shubham Yennawar 

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Let's build a best healthcare system together for our parents above 50+

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