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Diabetes reversal program

Reduce sugar level and get off medication



 Why YCcares?


have reversed completely, eliminated medication and living normal life

1st month

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  • Diabetes test at home

  • Best-in-class doctor consultation

  • Ayurvedic medicines

  • Personalized lifestyle and diet plan(no fad diets)

  • Video courses curated by experts

  • Clinically validated yoga exercises

  • Personalized mindfulness techniques


2nd month

  • Followup consultations

  • Sugar levels started decreasing and dependence on medicines starts to decrease

  • Lifestyle changes start to show positive effects

3rd month

  • Holistic evaluation

  • Advance yoga exercises

  • Dependency on medicines is minimized

  • Healthy lifestyle and supplements to sustain the overall well being 

  • Become your own doctor, dietician and yoga therapist


After 3 months


98% of our users reported diabetes reversal completely and sustainability for years!


Goodbye medications. Stopped medications in just 3 months. Lost weight. YCcares helped me in defeating diabetes and living a disease free life.


Getting off from medications in just 4 months. I feel more energetic and fit. Thanks to YCcares. 


It's a life changing experience where not only I have got rid of medications, I have reversed my diabetes too, which earlier seemed an impossible dream.


YCcares helped me to start a new disease free life. I defeated diabetes, BP, high cholesterol, obesity and more.

People from top companies 

and their parents trust us

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