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Anthony's mother & 10,000+ reversed Diabetes and other related conditions with YC Cares  

Rs 100 Only

Reverse diabetes and 5 other related conditions

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Here is how YCcares can help 

  • Assessments: Answer a few questions to help us understand your symptoms.

  • Send it our way for root cause analysis

  • In detailed doctor consultation

  • Meet your care team: Virtually with a therapist and care manager.

  • Recommendation of diet & yoga​​

  • Life time access to mobile app - Exclusive video course by expert Yoga therapist and Breath work coach

  • Easy to Follow, Self-Paced Curriculum.

Fresh Fruit

10000+ Happy Members

Your Health Transformation Journey Start Here!

Kickstarter Plan

₹6000  ₹100


Clinically proven health impact


Reduction in fasting sugar levels within just 45 days


Reduction in overall glucose levels within 3 months


Population saw improvement in their related issues

Pre-diabetes & Diabetes reversed 


Due to my pre-diabetes, I was always tired. With YC Cares program, my Coach made me follow a low carb diet. Within a month, I was able to see a huge change in my sugar levels and weight.


I have seen unbelievable results of many people even 22 years of chronic conditions like diabetes, BP gone in just 30 days. 


Mera sugar 500 mg/dl tha aur mujhe pata nahi tha ki mujhe diabetes hai. Iss program main YC Cares ke dietitian ne meri jaan bacha li. Mera sugar ab bilkul control main hain aur dawa bhi kum ho gyi hai.

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Excellent service.  It's so easy to access, affordable, and really very fast results. Their entire process was excellent because everyday I used to have a call with my dietician. I feel energetic. I feel good.”

People from top companies already joined

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and more

Other health issues reversed

Ramakant Deep

A senior manager transformed his health in just few days and joined others.

Babita Dash

Reversed multiple chronic conditions at age of 56 and super happy now with family.

Get Money Back, if you don't like us!

Are we crazy people to make such an offer? No. we are making this unbeatable offer as we ar e very confident of our service, which has delivered a 98% success rate.

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