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Healthcare in India is Broken! 

Out of the 88 million diabetics in South Asia, 77 million are in India! India is unfortunately Number 1 in the World in terms of Number of Deaths because of Chronic conditions (Heart Attacks, Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer)

Identification and minimization of disease risk factors, existing disease development/ improvement and early detection of disease through screening are a few important elements of preventive healthcare.


It has become crucial as it allows people to know about their health issues in the initial days and helps keep track of the progress on a real time basis.

Care you deserve, causes that matter is our Motto! 


No hunger death mission!

You take care of your health and we feed poverty stuck poor kids on the streets of India through Akshaya Patra Foundation.

With every 1999 plan you purchase, you feed 20 slum children 

Be the Change, you want to see in INDIA


We are 10K strong, join the movement!

Health Benefits Of This Program

       From the comfort of your home

  •  Understand what your body is trying to tell you

  • Get your Body Screened with First of its kind Early Detection Technology

  • Build strong immunity system through Diet plan that we prepare

  • Reach Optimal Body Mass Index​

  • Control & Reverse chronic diseases like Diabetes, high BP, etc.

  • Save short & long term medical bills 

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I don't need preventive healthcare 

If you believe this, read on..

73% of Covid deaths in India are people with co-morbidities

Sedentary lifestyles are reported to cause 61% of hospitalizations

India’s is the World Leader in

Adult population

Blood Pressure

Medical Inflations are making treatments unaffordable


Mental Health Illnesses have been on a rise in India.


Heart diseases have killed

more people in India than

any other non-communicable


10000+ People Became Fit & Healthy Naturally;

It' Your Turn Now!

What do you get?

This program is based on well- researched 12 protocol based approach taking advantage of the advancement of Technology




Know your immunity because all human diseases involve the immune system



We understand your body, life style, diet, habits, symptoms, family history ,etc.


Full Body Check-up

80+ blood parameters analysed, Physician- review results, free home sample collection. 




Historical charts, Score with graphics and get the facts about your health that Doctors won’t tell 

Doctor Consultation

Consult top doctors over video & voice call doctors on your own convenient time


Dedicated Health Team

A team of allopathic doctor, ayuraveda doctor, yoga therapist & dietician for YOU


Early Detection Report

We detect chronic/life style issues early, when it can be cured at much lower pain & price.


Diet & Daily Routine Plan

Get personalized plans based on your likes, dislikes & health improvement response.

Healthy Morning

Detox Your Body

Eliminating toxins, stay charming and be free from serious diseases.



Curated blogs and videos for each member, from top platforms and experts. 




Not general yoga or workout. Designed as per your health conditions. Live guidance.


Life Time Support

Access private group for continuous hand holding and support after the program. 


Make Heath your Priority, there is just ONE LIFE!

Achieve your health goals with YCcares with just 1999Rs and create an Impact for Hunger FREE India.

Why Wait?

It is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.



My happiness knew no limits. Not just physically. Feeling healthier mentally as well.


Taking care of myself is easier with YCcares. My energy is great and I feel amazing.


Extremely grateful to YCcares. Everything is awesome especially100% charity.

IMG_20210107_225846 (1).jpg

I am aging in reverse. Sugar reduced, joint pain went away and loosing weight rapidly.

Making basic Healthcare affordable is our Mission

One Action For Hunger Free India

We donate 100+ meals on behalf of you


People and animals benefited

Our Charity Partners

A youth team including IITian volunteers is working 24/7 to feed needy people and street animals.

A world famous organization that is already feeding millions of needy people and street cows.

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