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Detailed insights of your health

7+ clinical assessment, detailed doctor consultation and 70+ parameter blood and urine check-up at-home for deeper analysis and macro-level understanding of your health.


The attention you really deserve 

Spend up to 60 minutes with your doctor reviewing your health and addressing questions so you can leave with peace of mind.

Personalized health reset plan

The latest science, diagnosis, medication, and personal guidance on food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. You'll get a reset that lasts. 


One program, endless benefits

Chronic Conditions

Reverse diabetes

Weight loss

Reverse Heart Diseases

Lower risk of cancer

Reduced joint pain

Stop chronic medication

Pre-chronic Conditions

Increase good cholesterol

Lower blood pressure

Cure pre-diabetes

Decreased inflammation



Improve immune function

Better sleep

Improved mood

Better energy

Improved body composition


A medical and expert team for you

No waiting rooms, no trips to anywhere. Our dedicated team are here to help you whenever you need.

Get free 90 days  preventive plan

We can curate best contents for you. You can access contents, practice daily and can feel a healthier you everyday. You can contact your yoga teacher directly whenever you find any doubt.


Let's take your first step towards transformation, together

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