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Let’s build people-centric care together.

YCcares is a value-based provider that partners with health insurance providers, companies, startups and SMEs to provide personalized, comprehensive care. We also collaborate with local agents to see that our members get the care they need whenever they need it.


For Insurers

Want to broaden your insurance offerings, deliver world class customer experience, want to fix health for the people it often fails and reduce claims? We are here to help you for free.

For Startups

Looking for a plan that saves a lot of time managing your health insurance, take care of your employees long term health and reduce costs? Get a second opinion for free.


For SMEs

Struggling to buy an insurance and wellness plan for your team to increase your team productivity with no extra burden on capital ? We are here for you.

For Agents

Looking to improve health outcomes for the people you serve, let’s work together.


For Doctors

Want to start, build and grow your digital hospital and increase your patient flow by 10X at least ? We are here for you.

Our offers designed for you, with you

From humble beginning to creating a revolution in the health tech market especially in Insurance market. 

Let's build it together..

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