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Anxious About Going Out in Public?

Many have concerns and mixed feelings about returning to daily life.

As Society Reopens, Not Everyone is Ready

Reopening is causing me a lot of anxiety. Not because I’m not ready, but because I don’t feel we, as a society, are ready,” she says. “I’m anxious to get out, I wish I could, I just don’t feel comfortable. I don’t trust anyone else to tell me when it’s safe.”

A poll of more than 10,000 people found that 46% said they felt a sense of trauma from COVID-19, with 85% afraid to go to the store and 45% afraid to leave their house. The poll also found that 87% had not sought counseling.

COVID-19 and Mental Health: A Call to Action:

Many Indians entered the COVID-19 pandemic already feeling anxious or depressed. In 2018, about a third of adults said they were worried, nervous, or anxious about something every day, week, or month. Add a pandemic and uncertain future, and experts see a potential mental health crisis on the horizon.