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A unique consultation- to change the health care system

Right time to switch your normal consultation to standard consultation with no extra cost.


And unlock 12 Months FREE Membership Benefits

Consult your doctors at anytime, any where, on your terms and schedule. You'll get continuous, coordinated care through chat and video — from a physician-led team that really knows you.

The YCcares difference

Here’s what you can expect from your free membership.

At home

You shouldn’t have to drive to the doctor when you’re not feeling well. Or deal with the hassles of sitting in crowded waiting rooms. We come to you on your terms via video call. We can help you with many symptoms digitally. 

Honest care

We don't misguide you with over medication and unnecessary procedures that is waste of money and invitations to additional health issues.

Why settle for just a doctor? You’ll get a trusted physician plus your own preventive coach and health guide — all working together to help you feel your very best.

More care

Clear guidance

Navigating healthcare can be a major headache. Whether you need a prescription, specialist referral, or help to reach a goal, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Let the doctor come to you through chat and video, from wherever you are — couch, office, or coffee shop. Need in-person care? We've got you covered there, too.

Incredible convenience

Free 90 days workout

We can curate best contents for you. You can access contents, practice daily and can feel a healthier you everyday. You can contact your yoga teacher directly whenever you find any doubt.

Transparent costs

We hate to charge any extra cost. You just pay as much your pay now for doctor consultation. All other YCcares benefits, including unlimited chat or yoga or doubt clear session, are always free.


We guarantee you will never go back to a normal doctor for consultation again

Finally, a doctor dedicated to your long-term health 

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