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 A life-changing journey

For all the possible care

you truly deserve

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We believe that your health, financial freedom and good karma are the major reasons for a complete life. With YCcares, you get all three – plus surprisingly low rates that make you feel better.

We care health

India's most compresnsive, standard and affordable health care package   

Almost everyone is suffering with some health problems like over weight, back-muscle-joint pain, sleeping disorder, diabetes, depression, blood pressure, low immunity, skin & hair problems, etc. Unfortunately, your doctors or blood reports won't help you until it become chronic. So we catch conditions earlier, when it can be more effectively treated. 


Standard health-assessment


70 blood chemistry parameters analysed


Get a holistic picture about your internal health


Personalized health package


More facilities, less money


Free self cure training - save more

Guaranteed results or Money back

Exclusive Limited Time Discount.  93% Off

Health can't wait and change pretty fast. Make sure you’re covered!

Look around us – one pandemic (covid-19) has changed our world. Once again the paramount importance of health has become front and centre. If you need a great health for you or for your your family members or your employees right now, see our plans or contact our health mentor for some great advice.

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We care wealth

Stay healthy, Earn from Home

No need to pay in multiple places for multiple services (in hospital, clinic, nutrition & diet center, yoga or fitness studio, blood testing lab, content subscription, etc) and save more money with the opportunity to earn on WhatsApp & Facebook. Now everyone can become financially independent.

No limit to earn

Financial freedom from home


Fulfil your dreams

Start your business from home with zero investment


We care your good karma

We donate on behalf of you 


People and animals benefited

Earn Free Karma

Your Health, Our Charity

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Our members say its best


I'm not going to change a day, it might take time. But now I've started to see things improving, I feel happy and calm.



It made me a happier and healthier person. Coach was very supportive.  I truly appreciate the YCcares team's health services and giving back.



I bought the health plan for my father. I am feeling so grateful. They really care as their name itself-  YCcares...Really cares...

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